A different kind of voice lessons...

Always wanted to sing but can't free your voice?  Do you sing already but don't feel confident? 

Are you an experienced singer looking to discover new parts of your voice and creativity? 

Come open your voice and heart with a completely new type of voice study.

Why Holistic Voice Lessons?

Holisitic voice lessons combine vocal techniques, creativity exercises and healing modalities to:


  • Get you in touch with your body and breath

  • Free you from the emotionally rooted fears

  • Unlock your true voice!



Private Voice Lessons
Individual Voice Lessons

45min session: $95

*To hold your spot, please pre-register for your lesson a minimum of 3 days prior to your desired date.**

**24 Hours notice required to cancel or reschedule for full-refund**

These are not your typical, scale-based lessons. We take powerful vocal exercises and combine them with a focus on creativity and on finding your OWN vocal style. They’re like singing lessons combined with creativity classes!


We go over breathing techniques, proper body alignment, and tone placement, as well as practice creating your own melodic lines, explore how to create different sounds with your voice, and develop song interpretation.


They are considered wholistic lessons because I draw from not only my rock, jazz and classical voice methodology, but my training in Tai Chi, Alexandar Technique and nuitrition to strengthen your voice through relaxing and building your entire body.


Not in San Francisco?  We offer Skype lessons!

Sound Healing Sessions
Sound Healing Sessions

Private or small group sessions:

$95 -$200


Many times, it is fear and past trauma that keeps us from accessing the natural power and freedom of our voices.


These intimate sessions use theraputic sound healing modalities such as mantras, toning and guided sound journeys to help students release the blocks that can be heard in their voices.


Contact me for a free consultation to see if this kind of work is a good fit for you.


Give your heart a chance to express itself. 

It's your god-given right to sing!

ExploreVoice   Studios

Wholistic voice lessons.  Vocal Improv Classes & More


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