Bop a doo! Singing is fun to do!

Fun, interactive Singing Clubs
  • Kids create their own songs
  • Learn to sing in tune and harmony
  • Work together
  • Build confidence
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Classes available for K-5th grades, Middle and High school students.
  • School-day integration, after-school or weekend options.
  • 5-12 week, semester-long and one-time workshops available. 
Great for English Language Lerners,
Special Needs, and Alternative Learning Styles!

Fifth graders in the Bryant Elementary Singing Club wrote an original rap.  Then some teachers joined us on stage to share a different side of themselves with the students by singing There's Hope.

Junior High Students at the Paul Revere summer Singing Club created and starred in their own music video of the inspiring song "Firework".

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ExploreVoice   Studios

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