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Classes take place via Zoom due to COVID-19

group voice class

Whether you want to learn to kill it on stage or just want to feel better about singing in the car, this class is for you. During this 8-week class, you will learn the foundations of singing— including warming up your voice, proper breath support, pitch and range.  In a supportive group setting, you will get comfortable singing with and in front of others.  Each class will feature vocal exercises to strengthen your voice, fun activities, and a chance to work on your own song. 

Ideal for beginner to intermediate singers.  

No musical experience is necessary!



Tuesdays 5-6pm, rolling admission


Via zoom 



Please reach out via to join!


Some sliding scale spots are available- contact us for info.

"I feel like this is just a wonderful way to learn to sing-- that is to just trust yourself. That is something I did not learn from the vocal classes I'd taken before, and while those classes taught be how to make my voice loud and strong--this class taught me better what my voice can do."

-Jennifer Norton, actor

vocal improvisation 

More than a just a singing class, this is a creativity course!


8-Week Voice Improvisation Course


During the course of 8 weeks, you will be guided through fun,

low-pressure and interactive exercises designed to help you explore your voice, new styles and techniques, and encourage you to break free from the blocks that hold you back from singing your heart out!


In a safe, supportive enviroment you will:


Explore!  Each week focuses on different exercises to help you unlock your voice and dissolve your fears. Work alone, in pairs, and in ensembles as you delve into the possibilities of spontaneously composed music!


Build!  Strengthen your abilities in harmony singing and rhythm, vocal tone and texture. Learn breath support and voice care.


Create!  Achieve the ability to "jam" like instrumentalists, and write your own music!


Perform!  Not only will you gain confidence by performing in front of your classmates on a weekly basis, but the class will conclude with an OPEN CLASS PERFORMANCE, where you can show off your new voice to your friends and family.



Coming soon!  On hold due to COVID-19 precautions 



Music CIty Rehearsals

1353 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA


Cost:  $425

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